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At Pendleton Counseling Services,

we like to think of therapy as a compass.  Therapy is not “the fix”, it’s a tool.     


A compass does not give you turn-by-turn directions like your GPS, nor will it tell you exactly where you are or which way to go.  It simply orients you, offering directions.   A compass, like therapy, can point you back to where you started, lead you somewhere new or help you explore the places in between.  Using therapy like a compass, allows for time and space to safely explore new paths and help determine the course that is right for you. 


At Pendleton Counseling Services, we know that life has unexpected turns that can overwhelm us with stress, sadness, anger or anxiety.   We offer you tools you need to navigate these feelings and the many ways they impact our families, education, work-life, and overall wellness. 


Our licensed therapists can manage a range of age groups, populations, and problem areas. Your therapy experience will be guided by your specific needs and goals.   


Please call or email us for individual, couples, or family therapy appointments. 


207 W State Street
Pendleton, IN 46064
Tel:  765-221-9495
Fax: 765-374-0451

Office Hours: Monday-Thursday 8:30-5:00pm
Friday: 8:30-12pm
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